Social Law Library Partners with Real Cool TV to Offer a Steep Discount on Website Video for Members

As a solo practitioner or small law firm, it is vital to promote yourself and to look for new clients on a continual basis. Your website, social media efforts and emails all contribute to this process. With 80% of all Internet traffic currently being documented as video, adding a short, compelling video to your online marketing efforts is a must!

Millenials Why video is the only way to reach millenials

For only $795, Real Cool TV will help you connect with your potential clients by producing a professional, informative and engaging 90 second website video. This is a substantial savings over the $3,800-$5,000 that a production would normally cost.


Real Cool TV will film you at the Social Law Library, edit your video, add graphics (your logo), and add music, providing a finished product ready to upload to your website.


Currently the filming date scheduled for filming at Social Law: Monday, September 16th.


Filming sessions are scheduled by the hour. Sign up early. Space is limited!



Some Examples of Attorneys videos:


CTL Overview 1 Dick Campbell
Founder Campbell Trial Lawyers

CTL Overview Example of an individual
lawyer talking about
his capabilities.
ABA JimSilkenat Man SD 1 Jim Silkenat of the ABA
talking about his career.




Q: Will my video be the same as everyone elses?
A: No definitely not. Although all the videos have the same format and are filmed in the same location they are very different (as individual as you are). The key to making this kind of video work is authenticity. What you say and how you say it is what matters and that is unique to you.

Q: Do I need a script?
A: No we will ask you to prepare a simple questionnaire and then we will interview you in a conversational way.

Q: What should I say?
A: It is best to imagine that you are talking with a client and describing your practice - it seems more natural that way.

Q: I am camera shy - can I still make this work?
A: Yes, we will help you get a good looking and sounding result.

Other Resources:
1) Request more information (someone will call you if you request it).
4) Read about the limitations and expectations for this kind of production
6) Some other Law Firm examples of different kinds and formats

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