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Welcome to Real Cool TV Productions. We are a full service, Boston based marketing, technology and production company that specializes in the use of video, animations and digital media to enable organizations to increase market awareness of their products and services. We help organizations to extend their marketing communications reach to the broadest possible audience. Real Cool TV also developed and markets Organizational TV, an end-to-end video creation and publishing solution. Click here for more details

We are hiring:
Opportunites for Sales and Marketing ProfessionalsFind out more


Video content is the life blood of today's on-line marketing communications and social media campaigns. Real Cool TV Productions has created thousands of video projects that engage, educate and entertain.We specialize in creating effective and authentic content that connects you with your audience. Find out more


Larger organizations are challenged by the demand for volumes of on-line digital content. Real Cool TV Productions creates programs that help envisage, create and manage video content on a large scale. With our help your marketing, training and communication goals are more achievable. Find out more


Organizational TV is an exciting new turn-key solution that delivers a complete on-line video content and managment platform together with the associated content. Aimed at organizations seeking to build brand awareness, create customer interest and expand their customer base Find out more